Customs Bonded Container Freight Station    
  Receipt, storage and on-forwarding of imported consignments that have not yet cleared U.S. Customs. We can help you through the jungle of government regulations and red tape.  
  Warehouse equipped with fire sprinklers and alarm. Fully bonded and insured.
Short-term storage for projects and work in progress. Long-term storage for distribution accounts.
  If you do not have a receiving facility, or one not equipped to handle larger
items, we will receive consignment for you, deliver to your facility or reship as directed.
  Comprehensive, competitive coverage available for both domestic and international moves. Unless otherwise specified in a contract or letter of credit, insurance is provided on a "CIF" basis. That is, value of consignment, plus freight cost, plus 10% of that total.  
  If your shipment comes in "bulk" or needs to be packed/packaged, we can pack or package to your specifications  
  Received, store and reship your inventory as directed either piece by piece or in bulk.  
Transloading or Cross Docking    
  Transferring your consignment from one trailer to another.  

We will receive your shipments from various sources and "CONSOLIDATE" them into single or multiple shipments to either domestic or international destinations.
Crating & Boxing    
We offer a full line of ready to use crates and containers or we will specialize containers for your specific need.

Labels are on hand for packing, marking and labeling